Quote I am maintaining my quality of life …

I am 86 and get around just fine, but for the last twenty years I have been be-deviled by sciatica and degenerative bone disease in the second lumbar vertebra of my back. I have tried various pills to manage the pain, which comes on after I am inactive for two hours and especially at night. But such medications only mask the problem and leave me feeling sedated. I have had much greater success with massage therapy. I see Lindsay Eisensmith, a licensed therapist, every other week for one hour, during which she works on my back from my neck to my toes, with special attention to the sacro-iliac area. She brings to her treatment sessions a thorough knowledge of how the nerves and muscles work and a pair of strong, thorough hands that can be as probing or as gentle as needed. I leave each treatment with all discomfort gone, and she restores my circulation to a point where I feel ten years younger. I move about the house doing chores, work in the garden, feeling like my old self, and I sleep better at night. Gradually my demons come creeping back again, but we are holding them at bay without medication. Most important of all, with Lindsay’s help I am maintaining my quality of life successfully.

Quote One word: Relaxing! Nikki gave a … CBN

One word: Relaxing! What a beautiful, peaceful spa with modern yet soothing decor. Great location very close to I-95. The heated massage table made me want to move right in. Nikki gave a fantastically relaxing massage. I can’t wait to go back!

Quote I met Nikki, and my shoulders dropped an inch … SWR

Oh my gosh, I walked in and my shoulders dropped an inch, just from the smell. I met Nikki, and they dropped another inch…by the time I left, I think I was in a “happy coma”. Pressure was perfect, the bed was cozy and warm. There was nothing that could have been better, oh well maybe next time I’ll go for a 90 minute, rather than 60!!

Quote Thanks Lesley, I’ll certainly come and see you again … KE

“What a fabulous Spa, I have been having trouble with a neck problem for way too long, previous massages back home in the UK were great but did not sort the problem out. Lesley worked extremely hard with a deep tissue sports massage and for the first time in months I did not have to sleep with my pillow supporting my neck! Thanks Lesley, I’ll certainly come and see you again when in Old Lyme”

Quote the customer service was fantastic … MC

“I loved my experience here. Everything was very neat and comforting, and the customer service was fantastic. I also love that there is an online booking option with timely email notifications. I will definitely be back!”

Quote Lindsay thanks for your magic hands, your expertise, and your caring … MM

Hi Lindsay, Just to let you know the work you did on my neck made a tremendous improvement. There is little or no pain when I turn my head to the right. Thanks for your magic hands,your expertise, and your caring.

Quote Thank you Vitality Spa for getting my son back in action … MLB

“Thank you Vitality Spa for getting my son back in action for his senior year’s pre-season soccer week. He pulled a back muscle and was really hurting for 8-10 days. One session and he feels like new – THANK YOU!”