Edward Oswain
Qi Gong Master

Edward Owsian is a lifelong entrepreneur, student and practitioner of consciousness development.

He is passionate about electronic music and the metaphysical characteristics of minerals and using both to transform, create and ground spiritual evolution. Edward began studying Qi Gong in 1999 when he moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Before that, he studied the EMF Balancing TechniqueTM with Peggy Phoenix Dubro and went on to teach the upper level classes for almost 13 years.

He received his Level I Qi Gong Teaching Certification from Supreme Science Qi Gong.

He continually notices how a steady Qi Gong practice facilitates calm, centeredness, and vitality. When not working on the design, manufacture, distribution, and implementation of an industrial tool sharpener, Edward continues to study and practice abundance manifestation and is trying to become one heck of a fisherman!