Therapeutic Bodywraps


Abhyanga (Sanskrit) is an ancient Ayurvedic healing ritual designed to soothe and reconnect you with the natural rhythms of nature, restoring balance to mind body & soul. Now we’ve taken it to a new level in our therapeutic wraps!  First we’ll prepare your skin with a gentle silk polishing exfoliation, then apply organic herbal infused traditional Ayurvedic oils, and wrap you up in a cocoon to rest while the healing oils penetrate. Choose from Detox, Calm, or Nourish.

50 mins, $125



Our “Detox” wrap balances Kapha.

This massage blend is vivifying, warming and detoxifying. The oils and herbs used bring a focused action and stimulation to sites of accumulation or stagnation in the slower moving energies of the fluid and connective systems.

Kapha governs the structure and stability of the body. It’s primary function is to protect the body and mind by overseeing the formation, growth, and lubrication of the joints, muscles, bones, fat, marrow, nutritive fluids, and reproductive tissues

If Kapha is your primary dosha, groundedness and contentment are basic to your nature; you will tend to be calm, steady, and slow to anger. As long as Kapha is kept in balance, you will be stable, compassionate, and loyal.


Calm – balances Pitta, cools fire & inflammation, soothes and settles nervous system.

This is a calming, diffusing and gently cooling massage blend. The herbs and oils in this formula quiet the elemental “fire” traveling between the blood and the internal organs of heat such as the small intestine, brain, eyes and heart. Pitta massage oil may be helpful if you’re feeling a wee bit intense, irritable, perfectionistic, driven and easily frustrated.

It provides anti-inflammatory support, is a pacifying relaxant and feels calming


Our “Nourish” wrap balances Vata.

This is a centering, warming nervine massage tonic which anchors the energy between nerves, brain and circulatory system.

Vata regulates the actions of the nervous system and is responsible for the process of elimination. When in balance, Vata is energetic, creative, lively and flexible. Aggravated Vata, however, is evident through dryness of the inner and outer skin, chapped lips, dry hair and nails, and underlies mind states of anxiety, confusion, nervousness, and restlessness.

This formula provides winter hydration, relieves chapped lips and dryness of the skin, hair & nails.