Tour de Lyme 2017 – Massage for Riders

Tour de Lyme 2016

Supporting the Lyme Land Trust through Tour de Lyme 2017

We are honored to be silver sponsors of the Tour de Lyme 2017:  An event we have been involved with since its inception and one which honors and represents my home town of Lyme.

Take a few hours to ride the breathtaking countryside of Lyme, through the trails and the glades that the Lyme Land Trust does so much to conserve and to enjoy a convivial picnic at Ashlawn Farm, the center of my tiny town.

Enjoy a post-race massage with one of our award-winning licensed therapists, whose services are so valued at events around the State.

Look forward to seeing you at Tour de Lyme 2017!

Lindsay Eisensmith

Owner and Founder –
Vitality Spa & Holistic Health