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Medical grade spa waxing with Nufree at Vitality Spa 860.434.1792

Medical Grade Spa Waxing: Nufree is the gold standard in hair removal and is carried by thousands of professional spas throughout the world.

Nufree was developed by a plastic surgeon as an alternative to traditional waxing for pre-op use on sensitive skins. It’s patented medical grade system is antimicrobial (destroys growth of microorganisms), antibacterial (destroys the growth of bacteria) and anhydrous (a repellent to all moisture).

Because Nufree is clinically tested, botanical and gentle it can remove hair from over 98% of the body with fewer ingrown hairs or bumps and less irritation than waxing for men and women.

We require our estheticians to undertake over 600hrs of training in order for them to meet the standards you expect from waxing at Vitality Spa.

Our patch tests are Complimentary.  If you have concerns about sensitive skin please ask your therapist for a test and book that at least 24hrs in advance.

Patch Test (Complimentary)

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Bikini Wax $50

Brazilian $80

Partial Brazilian $75

Brow Tweeze $15

Brows $17

Chin $17

Upper Lip $17

Full Face $50

Half Legs $50

Full Legs $80

Half Arms $35

Full Arms $65

Underarm $30

Full Back $70

Bare Bottom $50

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