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Welcome, please enjoy browsing our menu of therapeutic massage techniques.

All of our therapists are all licensed, certified, and hand-picked by Lindsay for their experience & unique skill sets. Please ask for a recommendation based on your particular needs & preferences. If you are a new client or are looking for a particular technique, please feel free to call the spa to discuss your massage goals or take a look through our therapist bios. We believe that every massage should be customized to our clients’ needs and preferences, we do not therefore have a “Deep Tissue Massage.” If you are looking for Deep Tissue, please select our Vitality Signature Massage and ask your therapist to adjust their depth of pressure to your preference.

Advanced Therapeutic Massage:

Advanced Therapeutic Massage draws upon Lindsay’s 15 years in practice, her ongoing studies in a wide variety of eastern & western massage techniques, along with her degree in exercise & sports studies, to create a unique experience that may be intensely rehabilitative or deeply relaxing, or a magical combination of both, depending on your individual needs.

90 Minutes $155, 45 Minutes $105 (45 minute for focused areas of treatment, not a full body massage)

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Vitality Signature Massage:

Our unique combination of swedish, deep tissue & therapeutic techniques provides a deeply relaxing and effective massage experience. Our skilled therapists customize the depth of pressure to your preference to improve circulation & flexibility, address chronic muscle tension & stubborn knots, and ease away your stress and anxiety.

60 mins, $95 / 90 mins, $135

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Vitality Prana-Glow Facial & Body Massage:

Rejuvenate your mind, your spirit, and your body! This highly popular extended version of our Prana-Glow Facial includes a full body Swedish massage.

80 mins, $135

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Headache & Sinus Relief:

A targeted aroma-therapy essential oil massage relieves muscle tension in the scalp, face, neck, & shoulders that contribute to headaches and sinus pain.

30 mins, $55

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Tension Relief Massage:

This effective massage treatment addresses specific areas of neck, shoulder, and back tension. Reflex points on the feet are stimulated to restore and balance the nervous system.

30 mins, $55

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Sports Massage:

An integral part of your training program, this treatment is targeted to sport-specific overused muscles to relieve pain, tightness, and imbalances. Please wear loose fitting or athletic clothes.

50 mins, $95 / 80 mins, $135

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Medical Massage:

Post-injury or post-surgery, we utilize a variety of massage techniques such as myofascial release & neuromuscular therapy to address scars, adhesions, and chronically tight muscles or spasms. Restores flexibility, mobility, and speeds healing.

30 mins, $65 / 50 mins, $115

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Oncology Massage:

Oncology massage is provided by a certified therapist trained in the specifics of cancer treatment. It is customized to meet the unique needs of clients with a  history of cancer to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery and adapted for pressure, positioning and areas of specific compromise.

60 mins, $95

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Vitality Stone Therapy:

Heated basalt stones promote muscle relaxation and allow the therapist to access the deeper layers of tension.

80 mins, $155

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Pregnancy & Post-Partum Massage:

Designed by our certified therapists to target the specific challenges of motherhood. Specialized pillows and tables ensure 100% comfort & safety for mother & child. Nursing babies welcome by prior arrangement.

A perfect gift! 80 mins, $135

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