Quote Luray: Everything was great!

Great Reviews again – here for Luray: “Everything was great, as always. I don’t plan massages too often, but I have been coming to Vitality for years. Everyone is always very professional and polite, and I always leave feeling so much better! Thank you!”

Quote Lindsay’s space is immaculate … Alison Duxbury

Lindsay’s space is immaculate, tasteful and calming. I look forward to my next massage and pampering session. I always leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Quote I am maintaining my quality of life …

I am 86 and get around just fine, but for the last twenty years I have been be-deviled by sciatica and degenerative bone disease in the second lumbar vertebra of my back. I have tried various pills to manage the pain, which comes on after I am inactive for two hours and especially at night. But such medications only mask the problem and leave me feeling sedated. I have had much greater success with massage therapy. I see Lindsay Eisensmith, a licensed therapist, every other week for one hour, during which she works on my back from my neck to my toes, with special attention to the sacro-iliac area. She brings to her treatment sessions a thorough knowledge of how the nerves and muscles work and a pair of strong, thorough hands that can be as probing or as gentle as needed. I leave each treatment with all discomfort gone, and she restores my circulation to a point where I feel ten years younger. I move about the house doing chores, work in the garden, feeling like my old self, and I sleep better at night. Gradually my demons come creeping back again, but we are holding them at bay without medication. Most important of all, with Lindsay’s help I am maintaining my quality of life successfully.

Quote One word: Relaxing! Nikki gave a … CBN

One word: Relaxing! What a beautiful, peaceful spa with modern yet soothing decor. Great location very close to I-95. The heated massage table made me want to move right in. Nikki gave a fantastically relaxing massage. I can’t wait to go back!

Quote I met Nikki, and my shoulders dropped an inch … SWR

Oh my gosh, I walked in and my shoulders dropped an inch, just from the smell. I met Nikki, and they dropped another inch…by the time I left, I think I was in a “happy coma”. Pressure was perfect, the bed was cozy and warm. There was nothing that could have been better, oh well maybe next time I’ll go for a 90 minute, rather than 60!!

Quote Thanks Lesley, I’ll certainly come and see you again … KE

“What a fabulous Spa, I have been having trouble with a neck problem for way too long, previous massages back home in the UK were great but did not sort the problem out. Lesley worked extremely hard with a deep tissue sports massage and for the first time in months I did not have to sleep with my pillow supporting my neck! Thanks Lesley, I’ll certainly come and see you again when in Old Lyme”

Quote the customer service was fantastic … MC

“I loved my experience here. Everything was very neat and comforting, and the customer service was fantastic. I also love that there is an online booking option with timely email notifications. I will definitely be back!”

Quote Lindsay thanks for your magic hands, your expertise, and your caring … MM

Hi Lindsay, Just to let you know the work you did on my neck made a tremendous improvement. There is little or no pain when I turn my head to the right. Thanks for your magic hands,your expertise, and your caring.

Quote Thank you Vitality Spa for getting my son back in action … MLB

“Thank you Vitality Spa for getting my son back in action for his senior year’s pre-season soccer week. He pulled a back muscle and was really hurting for 8-10 days. One session and he feels like new – THANK YOU!”

Quote Thanks Lesley, and Lindsay! Fantastic! :) … Al Lyman

I came in for my first visit to Vitality Spa yesterday, looking for a very specific deep tissue massage, and Lesley was fantastic in giving me exactly what I wanted and needed. Loved the vibe of the new space, and can’t wait to get back, which I am next week, to have Leslie continue to work on these old fibrotic legs!
Thanks Lesley, and Lindsay! Fantastic! 🙂

Quote Fantastic therapists … Dr Strecker

“Fantastic therapists at Vitality! We recommend them to all our clients. :-)”

Quote Thank you so much! Great massage yesterday at Vitality … FH

“Thank you so much! Great massage yesterday at Vitality. Not only did she do a great job working around my recent hip replacement but she truly relieved the pain of my calves and feet. Not to mention an awesome hand massage too. A much relieved and heartfelt THANK YOU!!!!”

Quote The massage I had today with Nikki was restorative and fabulous … DH

“The massage I had today with Nikki was restorative and fabulous. My mother had previously had a massage with her and highly recommended her. I now know why. Thank you very much.”

Quote I could not be more pleased with my experience this afternoon … JH

“I could not be more pleased with my experience this afternoon. I’m happy you suggested I let you know. Jessica was very pleasant, and very knowledgeable about products which was a great help since I have several allergies. The “express” model is perfect. I will certainly be back.”

Quote A great massage by Nikki

“A great massage by Nikki – untied so many knots I think I grew an inch!! What a great combo – IHP and Vitality. Super training – super Chiropractic – super workouts plus a massage available on the spot after any activity; definitely A DYNAMIC DUO! My personal prescription for my “long term healthcare! Only thing missing is a heated indoor lap pool!”

Quote Expert extraction, terrific scalp massage …

“It was just wonderful. Expert extraction, terrific scalp massage, products plumped and rejuvenated my skin. Jessica did not berate me for neglecting my skin (I always appreciate this) but did inspire me to do more sunblock. Super!”

Quote Thank you Nikki for the best ashiatsu massage … LCJ

“Thank you Nikki for the best ashiatsu massage I have ever had. I feel amazing. Beautiful spa as well”

Quote Lesley you are truly professional and skillful at your craft … RF Jr.

“Outstanding, Thank you Lesley for making an old guy feel less old.
You are truly professional and skillful at your craft.”

Quote Nikki is the bomb. That was outstandingly relaxing … JM

“Nikki is the bomb. That was outstandingly relaxing. Feel like a million bucks.”

Quote Lesley was awesome … JG

Lesley was awesome. My back feels so much better! I can’t wait to come back!

Quote Thank you Beth for an amazing pedicure experience. It was so relaxing that I fell asleep. … FS

Thank you Beth for an amazing pedicure experience. It was so relaxing that I fell asleep. I feel like I started my vacation a day early. I will definitely be back and will recommend your services and vitality spa to my friends.

Quote Beth is a very knowledgeable … I highly, highly recommend her! … KSM

Each and every experience I have had at Vitality has been amazing. I have been seeing Beth since March for my eyebrow/upper lip waxing and for my facials as well. I do not trust any other person with my eyebrows. She has done a fantastic job shaping them. She always takes her time and uses a medical grade anti-bacterial/anti-microbial botanical formula rather than the ol’ sticky wax. It is much better for my skin, there no reaction at all afterwards.

I’ve had two signature facials and fell asleep during both. I was SO relaxed.

Beth is a very knowledgeable and just a wonderful person in general! I highly, highly recommend her!
Thank you Beth!

Quote Beth: The facial was lovely … SQ

The facial was lovely. It had been years since I had had one (kids and work put these type of activities on the back burner). Now I realize that this needs to be as regular as my haircut! I will be calling in the next day or two to book my next appointment.

Quote Another spectacular massage …Lynn

It was good to see Lesley, another spectacular massage ! It was also nice to see that the “old” entrance is back.

Quote Gloria worked magic … SC and CCL

My mother, Cathy Craighead-Lambert, books an annual massage (I live out of state) for she and I at Vitality Spa, during the holiday season. This has become our traditional mother/daughter holiday event, just for us. This past Dec is our third year at Vitality. Each year has been a great experience!

This year I had therapist, Gloria Creamer. She worked magic. She has a wonderfully aware disposition. Her knowledge of technique and connection to the muscle structure in my body was a winner! Gloria clearly knows her craft is exceptionally great at it.

I will request her each time I return to Vitality Spa.

Thank you to everyone for a beautiful, calm, and welcoming environment. I recommend your spa whenever I can.

Wishing you all a very happy new year

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