Holistic Practitioner/Independent Contractor Inquiry

Vitality Holistic Wellness Center

Hey – great to see you’re interested in helping us redefine wellness

  • You’re an independent contractor or holistic wellness practitioner who just wants to see patients.
  • You’re fed up with the administration and the headaches of everything from marketing to property management, laundry to booking appointments and of course insurance billing.
  • You want your clients to have the best possible treatment rooms, but cannot justify the constant upgrades

You identify with our philosophy, you’re passionate about what you do and you have a unique take on helping others.

We offer shared facilities in a state-of-the-art environment with a fantastic support team, where you can see your clients and grow your business.  Due to the unique nature of our wellness community, we would like to set expectations from the beginning. With a good foundation, we can create a partnership that will build a great new service for our clients and the perfect base for your business.  So let’s get to know each other a little:

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