Retreats & Gifts

Too often we neglect ourselves while caring for our families, careers, and myriad obligations, but remember you cannot pour from an empty cup!

Our retreat packages will replenish your resources and nurture mind, body & soul; an essential gift for yourself and for your loved ones.

For The Gent – perfect for father’s day, coach gift, birthday or anniversary:

Retreat, relax, and unwind as you enjoy an organic Clarifying Facial, a deep cleansing Back Treatment, and an Aroma-Soak Pedicure.

2 hrs, $175

Balancing Self-Care Retreat:

Unwind with a deeply relaxing Signature Massage. Then, a seasonal Prana-Glow marma point Facial will tone and clarify the skin while a Vita Flex Foot Treatment restores balance to your entire body and mind.

2 hrs, $225

Renew You:

Enjoy a customized Signature Facial, then choose from a detox, calm or nourish Therapeutic Body Wrap to balance your dosha. Finally, relax while we treat you to a deeply nourishing Foot Pamper & a coat of your favorite SpaRitual® nail color.

2.25 hrs, $265

Spa Escape:

Begin with a Luxe European Facial, an “essential ritual for graceful aging,” together with a Hand & Foot Pamper. Choose a customized Body Wrap for relaxation and balance and complete your escape with a full Signature SpaRitual® Pedicure and a Glo-Makeup Application.

3.5 hrs, $345

Mom To Be:

Relax with specialized pillows and tables to ensure 100% comfort & safety while your massage therapist targets the specific challenges of pregnancy. A seasonal Prana-Glow marma point Facial will tone and clarify the skin. Then we’ll treat you to a Foot Pamper and make you feel oh so pretty with a coat of your favorite SpaRitual®nail color.

2.25 hrs, $195