Solavedi Organics

solavediorganics2014-img_2694_15721187505_oWe have been using Solavedi Organics as an integral part of our bodywork and facial services since we opened in 2010 and were the first in our area to become certified Solavedi Skincare practitioners.

We chose Solavedi for our back-bar as well as retail stock because we are committed to using the best products for our clients and for our therapists.  We like this quote from Carollanne: 

As a full time practicing body worker for over 25 years now, I want the very best for my clients , friends and family. And, myself too! Over time, my concerns have grown about long term exposure to chemicals used in skincare and massage products. Therapeutically, I became interested in the effects of repeated full-body, skin to skin contact of, as well as the inhalation of, products I applied during treatments. Intuitively I knew that our skin  is absorbing everything the same as if we consume it by eating. I was trained well by my healer great-grandmother who told me: “never put anything on your skin you wouldn’t put in your mouth!”

Solavedi Organics are formulated locally in Guilford, CT by Carollanne Critchton.

Internationally schooled  in natural body therapeutics, as well as being a 5th generation hands-on healer, Carollanne’s practices include extensive knowledge and authority in herbalism, aromatherapy, manual therapies, ayurveda, yoga and spirituality.

There are five key product lines in the Solavedi range and each item in each range is made from either 100% organic, food-grade or wildcrafted ingredients.

1. Organic Ayurveda Based Facial Skincare
2. Organic Bath, Body, Hands
3. Organic Ayurvedic Formulary Products
4. Massage Therapy Products
5. Organic Botanical Perfumes

One of our favorites: raw green rescue face cream


from 15.00

what if you could draw upon the nutritional powerhouse of topical

    • wild
    • edible
    • bitter
    • greens for healthy, clear skin?

Well, now you can!

Raw Green Rescue, made with just such wild bitter greens, is packed with naturally occurring vitamins A, C and K, and minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium.

In their natural (not synthesized) forms, greens are bio-available and kind to skin.

Compare with the peeling and reactivity with synthetic topical vitamins A or C, and let your skin decide.

Come talk to our therapists at the Spa and they will share their favorites with you, help you choose which Solavedi Products best suit your individual skin type and/or dosha, and will teach you to use them in the way in which Carollanne intended.