Time Management Strategies – leaving time for you.

Make time for the truly important things in your life.

You may be thinking that I’ve said we can’t find time so how can we make it?

  1. By taking time back from filler activities; busywork and attention grabbers. Instead of starting out with tasks that grab our attention, make a mindful and focused start with the important task of the day. Schedule that hour or two for the job- make an appointment with yourself in your calendar and keep it as you would a doctor’s or accountant’s or financial advisor’s appointment. Many times you’ll discover that the first ten minutes of tackling particularly a dreaded task, will be all the momentum needed to finish it.
  2. Appreciate that your time is valuable. It’s easy to view our own time as unworthy in comparison to someone else’s. But if you consider that in order to contribute to our relationships, our financial stability, our happiness (which, let’s face it, has a direct impact on our quality of life and those close to us,) then  we need to do our best to be our best. That means recognizing that being productive with our time is essential. If we don’t value our time we will not be particularly productive with it. Our time is not unlimited. Whatever time we use up, or whatever time runs out, there is no recouping it. Your time should be one of your most prized – and valuable – possessions.
  3. Delegate responsibility. We can’t do it all. And as difficult as it may be to let go of a little control, there are tasks that can be accomplished just as well by others. A whole industry has been created around this concept – its called outsourcing. And it’s okay to accept help from others.
  4. Sleep, eat, and exercise well. You may be thinking to yourself that these take up time and it’s true. But proper rest, including mental down time to meditate and relax, a nutritious diet and regular exercise reduce stress and increase focus helping us to be more productive while using up less time. And we’ll feel better doing it.
  5. Practice the power of “No.” Time leaks can spring up when our automated response is ‘yes.’ We can’t continually take on more assignments and obligations without letting something else suffer. No one likes saying no but in doing so we will ultimately serve ourselves and others better. Doing many jobs sloppily can leave us feeling inadequate while doing fewer jobs with a high level of quality will foster feelings of satisfaction.