Welcome Kristi

We have a wonderful new addition to Vitality Spa. Kristi is an experienced Licensed Massage Therapist with excellent skills and a lovely personality. Please call to schedule a massage appointment with her – you won’t be disappointed. She provides all our standard therapies as well as Manual Lymph Drainage....

Image Lindsay Eisensmith – Owner, Founder & Integrative Wellness Therapist

Qualifications: B.Sc., LMT, CES
CHHC – Integrative Wellness Therapist & Ayurvedic Practitioner

Master Therapist CT Massage License: #4402
Corrective Exercise Specialist

Lindsay founded Vitality Spa & Wellness in 2005 as the first wellness center in our community.

I am passionate about what we are doing here at Vitality, Bodywork is an essential investment in your health, just like exercise, adequate sleep, proper nutrition and plenty of water.

Lindsay received her degree in Exercise & Sports Studies from Smith College (2001), and her Personal Trainer / Corrective Exercise Specialist certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (2000).

From there, her interest in the optimal performance of the human body led her to study massage at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (2005), the most highly accredited school in the state, where she graduated at the head of her class.

Her research on cardiovascular exercise was published by the Journal of Strength & Conditioning (2006), and her case-study on the Effectiveness of Massage Therapy in treating TMJ Dysfunction was published by the Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies (2007). Read the abstract.


On a continual quest to advance her wellness education, Lindsay went on to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (2010) becoming a Holistic Health Counselor and member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

The culmination of these pursuits came in 2010 when she created Vitality Spa. Rooted in the Japanese belief that Longevity & Vitality are your greatest wealth, her team of expert therapists redefine your spa experience, fusing intuition with advanced technical skills to create your customized experience through results-driven massage and facial therapies combined with the powerful health benefits of relaxation and stress reduction.  Our tranquil environment appeals to both men and women seeking a therapeutic oasis to enhance overall wellness, longevity & Vitality.

Read more about her philosophy – Practice Wellness

Image Jill Stranger – Spa Manager

Jill has worked as a business manager in the healthcare field for many years.

Her experience working at a naturopathic office led to her belief that optimum health can only be achieved by attending to the nourishment of body, mind and spirit. Personal experience with the benefits of therapeutic massage and acupuncture gave Jill an understanding of how valuable alternative healthcare is to overall health and wellness.

Joining the Vitality team brings to fruition her dream of working in a professional environment where the health and well-being of everyone, including staff, is valued and incorporated into the philosophy and mission of the spa.

Jill will turn her hand to any aspect of Spa Management and brings a wealth of customer service experience to Vitality.  Her methodic approach is balanced by a “wicked” sense of humor developed from her travels and upbringing in England and South Africa.

When she is not at Vitality, Jill can often be found hanging out with her grandchildren.

Image Lesley Laudano BSc, LMT

Qualifications: LMT, BSc 
- CT Licensed Massage Therapist: #6324

vitalitybutton-reserveappointmentnowLesley graduated magna cum laude from Colby-Sawyer College in 2007, where she received her B.S. in Exercise Science and was presented with the Baccalaureate Award for demonstrating the highest degree of dedication and excellence in her field of study.

Lesley began her career at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy – the most highly accredited school in the state, graduating in 2010 with honors for academic and hands-on excellence.  As a former collegiate athlete and “red shirt” member of the award winning CT Sports Massage Team, she values the importance of stretching and range of motion and will often incorporate these techniques into her sessions.

Lesley joined Vitality in 2010 and in addition to her talents as a dedicated massage therapist, her calm demeanor, intelligence and sense of humor have made her a trusted and indispensable member of the team.  Her intuitive approach makes anyone she works with – clients or colleagues – feel good. So whether you are seeking stress reduction or deep tissue bodywork, Lesley’s warm and gentle approach, combined with her sports science background translate to deeply therapeutic and restorative massage sessions.

Image Solavedi Organic Skincare

Solavedi600+BODY+BUTTERS (1)The Solavedi Organic skincare range made by Carollanne Crichton has been our long term partner here at Vitality.  We do what we do best and Carollanne does what she does best; everything we stock from Solavedi is made locally (no own-labelling of someone else’s products here!).

All Solavedi products are made from 100% Organic, food-grade or wildcrafted ingredients and Carollanne can probably tell you which farm or even which field they came from too!

Image Our Vision & Mission

“The Doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of

the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison

Our Vision:

A haven and Sangha where like-minded, soul-centered

healing professionals inspire and support your wellness journey.


Our Mission is to:

educate, empower and inspire our community and beyond to

Practice Wellness & Live With Vitality

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At Vitality Spa we aim to exceed your expectations. We strive to give you the best possible spa experience by utilizing the highest quality organic products and customizing our treatments to address your individual needs. Our professional spa staff will assist you in determining which spa treatments are right...

Image Live Long Live Well

Live Long, Live Well has always been my guiding philosophy; it is one that has shaped my life and inspired my business.

But as I have developed Vitality Spa I have come to the belief that wellness is not just about the absence of illness; it isn’t about a prescribed set of rules or a list of shoulds and should nots, it’s about a journey and a practice. It’s about being at ease in your space, with your body, with your attitude and with your environment.

Wellness is about having the mental, physical and emotional fitness to enjoy your life in a way that is in line with your goals, hopes, dreams and values. Most importantly wellness is personal and wellness is relative.

Wellness is a word that describes you, doing your best. Wellness is your life at a balanced optimum. Wellness is health in the deepest and broadest sense of the word. It is a practice, and a process. It requires patience and persistence. Wellness embraces your entire being, accepts you as you are, and loves you unconditionally. Wellness walks with you.

This is my favorite definition of wellness; beautiful and inspiring, yet it is so esoteric that many of us need a more structured approach to tackling the challenges which prevent us from enjoying life.

I like the University of Western Alabama’s approach to Wellness and Wellbeing, which is to think about overall “wellness” as managing and being educated in eight core components: Emotional, Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Spiritual, Time Management, and Work (paid or unpaid). A lack of balance in any one (or for most of us in all) of these components can lead to one big problem: stress.

As we learn more about the negative impact that stress has on our bodies, the more important we realize it is to manage these components of our lives in order to mitigate the damage. So, where does that leave us? What can we do today to help us to Live Long and Live Well?

It is vital that we make time for ourselves to recharge: getting adequate sleep, proper nutrition, daily meditation or yoga, exercising in nature, and massage therapy are all excellent tools to help you relax and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. Living a healthy balanced lifestyle is key, but it doesn’t have to be about deprivation and giving up everything you love; it’s about having the information to help you make positive decisions about your health and wellbeing.