FACIALS ARE BACK!!! New Guidelines allow facials – see below for more information.

We’re so pleased to announce that the State has updated COVID-19 Guidelines to include FACIALS and FACIAL WAXING! Vitality Spa continues to scrupulously follow all cleanliness and safety guidelines from both the State of Connecticut’s Department of Public Health and the American Massage Therapy Association. Schedule your Facial today!
The new guidelines are as follows:
“All procedures requiring a customer to remove his/her mask must be performed by a single attendant wearing a mask that completely covers the nose and mouth and a face shield that extends below the chin. Facials can be performed provided removal of the customer’s mask only occurs during the active time of the service. Customers must wear facial coverings inside the spa until the service begins and must be replaced immediately after the procedure is finished. These procedures must be performed in a completely separate room with doors closed and are limited to one attendant and one customer per room.”