Signature Massage & Facial Combo

Rejuvenate your mind and your body

This extended version of our Signature Facial includes a full body Swedish Massage.

It’s like a mini-vacation!

A unique blend, our signature treatment is at once deeply relaxing and intensely therapeutic.  Your relaxing Ayurvedic inspired Organic Facial Massage is designed to deliver a gentle but thorough cleanse, rid the skin of impurities and help your skin restore it’s natural balance. Your therapeutic Swedish-style massage combines head to toe long flowing strokes with targeted muscle release techniques to provide deep relaxation, renewal, and pain relief. Depth of pressure is firm yet comfortable.

Key benefits: Releases mind/body tension, decreases stress, reduces blood pressure, joint pain and muscle soreness, and relieves headaches. Improves posture, flexibility, circulation and overall skin tone, enhanced sense of well-being.

80 min, $115
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