Sun-Sational™ Facial & Foot Pamper

Feel Sun-Sational™ from top to toe

With an extended version of our european-style facial and a complimentary soothing foot massage.


Your Sun-Sational™ facial starts with a Honey Blossom Cleanser – gentle and effective for all skin types followed by our Urban Revival™ toner which is great to balance your skin’s pH and sooth sun-exposed skin. We then apply a Vitamin C exfoliant to gently smooth and saturate your skin with powerful antioxidants, reversing environmental damage.
Next, enjoy a nourishing facial massage with our Regen A+C Elixir, another powerhouse of antioxidants and soothing herbs.
Lastly, relax with our Glo Minerals Regenerative mask which is rich in acai berry and aloe. This creamy, cooling mask will soften and restore hydration whilst you enjoy a complimentary foot massage using Solavedi’s uplifting Citrus Body Milk.
Your facial is complete with a Raw Green natural spf moisturizer and a Vitamin C serum to combat dark circles and fine lines around your eyes.
60 mins, $95

** You should avoid overexposure to the sun and slight pinkness may occur up to an hour after your facial

60 min. service: $95

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